I am a Hong Kong-based reporter for Quartz, covering Asia business and geopolitics. You can see my work here.

Previously, I worked for a year as a freelance reporter. I wrote for the New York Times, Washington Post, South China Morning Post, CityLab, Quartz, and other publications. Prior to that, I spent seven months at the Washington Post in Washington, DC.

Below is a list of some work. For a more complete selection, check out my portfolio.

The New York Times

‘Not Just a Maid’: The Ultra-Running Domestic Workers of Hong Kong

After a Dip, Hong Kong Real Estate Again Eyes the Stratosphere

Public Housing for Some, Instagram Selfie Backdrop for Others

The Last Days of a Hong Kong Street for Singing Your Heart Out

Could a Colonial-Era Golf Course Solve Hong Kong’s Housing Woes?

Why Laundromats are the Hot New Place to Hang Out in Hong Kong

The Washington Post

Trumpian rhapsody: Hong Kong opera takes on ping-pong, China and the long red tie

What does Year of the Pig have in store for Trump? Feng shui masters offer clues.  

Hong Kong government tries to make an example of a small opposition party 

Are alleys the new frontier of D.C.’s housing market? 

What city bus systems can tell us about race, poverty, and us.

This D.C. home-cleaning service pays its employees a living wage of $16 per hour. Will it catch on? 

Pups and public space: What D.C.’s dog parks say about the changing city 

Across D.C., a resurgence of the small neighborhood grocery store.

South China Morning Post

Trail Mix: a weekly column on trail running and the great outdoors.

Topics covered include: Hong Kong’s great urban outdoors, the realities of running while female, the emotions of finish linesworkouts and work culture, running through mountains of pain.

The Adventure Trail : a bi-weekly podcast on trail running & the outdoors

How is Hong Kong out-gunning U.S., U.K. and Italy at the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc?

Are there too many trail races in Hong Kong? 

The HK4TUC’s radical solution for gender diversity in trail running: One man for every woman on 298 ultramarathon 


KFC turns to the image of a Communist hero to support its massive China expansion

The second Trump-Kim summit is another capitalism field trip for Kim Jong Un

Ships full of Teslas are racing toward China, fueled by trade-war fears

The latest frontier of China’s mobile payments boom is prisons

Why Hong Kong, a concrete jungle, is a trail runner’s dream 

In the aftermath of a super typhoon, Hong Kong races to save its century-old banyans 

A part of Hong Kong is effectively becoming part of mainland Chinese territory 


Why Hong Kong Is Claiming Golf Greens for New Housing

The Case for Architecture Classes in Schools  

Hong Kong’s Pedestrian Mecca Gets the Axe   

Columbia Journalism Review

The erosion of Hong Kong’s free press  

The Outline

Hong Kong has a cum problem 

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