Kyle Lang ’19: Crossing the Country [May, 2017]: I profile a Princeton sophomore, who is training to run 2,967 miles across the United States.


Tiger of the Week: Architect Marisa Yiu *01 Sees Her Craft as a Deeply Human Social Practice [January 16, 2019]

Personal essay: In post-thesis life, familiar ideas lead to new ways of thinking [September 28, 2018]

Feature: Finding Love at Princeton [January 13, 2016]: Is campus dating out of style? I dig into the dating culture – or lack thereof – on Princeton’s campus.

Putting Aside Papers and Problem Sets, Campus Tunes In to Candidates’ Debate [October 26, 2016]: It’s the first presidential candidates’ debate, and the campus is fixated.

Students Rally for Immigrant Rights [November 18, 2016]: In the aftermath of Trump’s victory, the Princeton community rallies for the protection of undocumented students and calls on the university to become a “sanctuary campus.”

Tiger of the Week: Journalist Ben Taub ’14 [June 24, 2015]: I speak to Ben Taub about his recent cover story for the New Yorker on the European jihadi pipeline.

Looking Back: Jimmy Carter’s 1981 Visit to Princeton [December 2, 2014]: Digging around the archives, I discovered that a Princeton alum had snagged an exclusive interview with the former president when he visited the university campus in 1981.

Tiger of the Week: First-time Novelist Lilli Anolik ’00 [April 29, 2015]: I speak with Lilli Anolik about her debut novel, Dark Rooms.

Tiger of the Week: Scott Clemons ’90, Sharing His Passion for Books [March 25, 2015]: I speak with Clemons, president of the Grolier Club in Manhattan and the co-organizer of an exhibition on the famous scholar-printer of the Italian Renaissance, Aldus Manutius.

Tiger of the Week: Bioethicist Jason Schwartz ’03 [March 4, 2015]: In the light of a measles outbreak, Schwartz, an expert on bioethics, tells me about the ethics of mandatory vaccinations.

Sexual Misconduct: The New Rules [September 16, 2015]: Changing policy, students say, is easier than changing the culture. This is an article to which I contributed reporting.


Students Rally for Immigrant Rights 

Home Cooking: inside the kitchens and dining rooms of student co-ops

rm0ljvqtc5c8jre74hm32ka28dchknlWintersession 2015: Plenty of Learning, Packed into A Week

DSC06377  Slideshow: Skating on Lake Carnegie

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