[February 8, 2015] The Occupy movement marked a coming of age for HK’s ‘millennials’, often referred to as strawberries: self-centred, faint-hearted and easily bruised. I profile three women who have helped redefine a generation.


Feature: Do Hong Kong Schools Squeeze Out Have-A-Go Spirit? Why City Lags Behind China & America in Entrepreneurship

[August 30, 2015] The city has the best infrastructure and one of the most efficient governments in the world, so why does it lag behind China & America in entrepreneurship? I investigate if our classrooms are to blame.


Cover story: For the Foragers of Hong Kong, Countryside Is A Veritable Banquet 

[August 2, 2015] I meet an eco-tour guide, a chef, and an outdoor-equipment-store owner – some of the small band of adventurers who go beyond HK’s urban jungle to harvest some of its rich bounty of edible plants.


[July 12, 2015] Over a hike and a seafood dinner on Lamma Island, the British mountaineer tells me about the selfishness that drives climbers, recalls friends lost to the sport and marvels at all HK has to offer.


Interview: Stamped Out – The Last Shoemaker on Happy Valley’s ‘Shoe Street’

[August 2, 2015]: High rents are forcing Ng Chung-fu from his 40-year-old shoe shop. He tells me about surviving wars,  the ups and downs of the HK shoe trade, property agencies taking over ‘Shoe Street,’ and the loyal customers begging him to carry on


Rant: Cantonese 101: ‘You Got Fat!’ means ‘Hello’ in Hong Kong

[July 19, 2015]: In this short, lighthearted column, I vent my frustrations at the distorted perceptions of ‘fatness’ in HK. This post was widely ‘liked’ and shared, shooting up to become the most read item on SCMP.com for a day.

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Feature: Do ‘wellness’ bloggers actually know what they’re talking about? — Local bloggers set the record straight

[July 19, 2015]: I contribute additional local reporting to a Guardian feature on wellness bloggers.

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