Trail Mix: a weekly column on trail running and the great outdoors.

Topics covered include teamwork in ultras, Hong Kong’s great urban outdoors, the mental game of a race that has no endthe realities of running while female, running and the power of losing count, reviewing things learned and unlearned on trails in 2018, the dream of running along Hong Kong’s harbourfront, the art of connecting to spaces and placesresearch on the physics of marathon crowds, the challenges of running against the wind, the emotions of finish lines, a rant-reflection about workouts and work culture, how John Ellis runs through mountains of pain, Hong Kong’s trail queen preparing for a road marathon, describing our relationship with running in six words, the case for paper maps in the age of Strava, the possibility of a sub-2 hour marathon in 2032the importance of consistency over epic-ness, lessons in prioritising fun, Hong Kong’s disappearing trails, Hong Kong’s inaugural race with no end

The Adventure Trail podcast (co-hosted twice a month by me and Mark Agnew)

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[February 8, 2015] The Occupy movement marked a coming of age for HK’s ‘millennials’, often referred to as strawberries: self-centred, faint-hearted and easily bruised. I profile three women who have helped redefine a generation.

For the Foragers of Hong Kong, Countryside Is A Veritable Banquet (Cover story)[August 2, 2015]