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Trumpian rhapsody: Hong Kong opera takes on ping-pong, China and the long red tie [April 7, 2019]

What does Year of the Pig have in store for Trump? Feng shui masters offer clues. [February 7, 2019]

Hong Kong government tries to make an example of a small opposition party [August 11, 2018]

Are alleys the new frontier of D.C.’s housing market? [December 14, 2017]

What city bus systems can tell us about race, poverty, and us. [September 7, 2017]

This D.C. home-cleaning service pays its employees a living wage of $16 per hour. Will it catch on? [September 4, 2017]

Pups and public space: What D.C.’s dog parks say about the changing city [August 27, 2017]

Across D.C., a resurgence of the small neighborhood grocery store. [August 2, 2017]

As gentrification creeps east, D.C. nonprofits help residents of modest means stake their place through ownership. [July 16, 2017]

The 26-year fight over Klingle Road is the story of a changed and changing D.C. [July 1, 2017] 

Volunteers work together to map neighborhoods and tell their stories 
[July 25, 2016] I hung out with a couple of citizen cartographers who are detailing each block of D.C., tracing the city’s changes over time.

At WWII Memorial, a complicated question: To wade or not to wade? 
[July 2, 2016] Some say wading is disrespectul. Others say the memorial itself disrespects the veterans, and wading in it is an exercise of the democratic rights that soldiers fought for.

In a changing neighborhood, urban art helps preserve community roots. [August 7, 2016] 

Princeton To Remove ‘Overly Celebratory’ Mural of Woodrow Wilson
[April 27, 2016] I report on Princeton’s decision to remove a mural of Woodrow Wilson from a dining hall. This follows a decision earlier in the month by the university to keep the former president’s name on the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International affairs.

Hacker Sends Anti-Semitic to Network Printers at Princeton, Many Other Colleges
[March 29, 2016] I report on the notorious hacker who sent anti-Semitic flyers to network printers nationwide, and how this episode may further complicate the debate surrounding free speech on college campuses.

After Protests, Princeton Debates Woodrow Wilson’s Legacy
[November 23, 2015] I report on campus reaction to demands by student activists to remove Woodrow Wilson’s name from Princeton’s campus.


Protestors continue to occupy Princeton president’s office, as they press for removal of Woodrow Wilson’s name from buildings [November 19]

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